About Us


Togen Daiko was formed April 1996 at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple in California with only a handful of people and has now grown to a group of 17 members diverse in cultural background and age. Our style is Japanese American Buddhist taiko that emphasizes group harmony and shared development. Our pieces are group-composed and shaped by Artistic Director Bruce Arikawa, a past member of Los Angeles' Kinnara Taiko, who joined the group January 1997 and took over the teaching responsibility.

On November 5, 2016 Togen Daiko celebrated it's 20th Anniversary with a concert for the community. It was a successful local event thanks to our sponsors, our donors, our nonprofit collaborators and most especially our loyal community.

This year 2021 marks our 25 years of playing Taiko. Look for us at local events to celebrate this milestone. We look forward to continue our growth and celebration in sharing this tradition.

Together Celebrating Tradition!